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Is It Time For Your Furniture To Be Cleaned?

Does your furniture need a good cleaning in Waterloo, NE? If that’s the case it’s time to get your furniture cleaned. We’re glad to say that we’re experts in cleaning your upholstery. We can get your furniture looking amazing again. We’ll remove most of the dirt, dust, and bacteria from your upholstery. We’re able to get a deep and refreshing clean because we have advanced equipment and products. Let us help and do the upholstery cleaning for you!

We’ll Get A Deep And Refreshing Clean For Your Upholstery

In Waterloo, we use the same eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution, The Natural, to clean your upholstery. The carbonated solution works amazing on your furniture as well, it gets a deep and refreshing clean. The way the formula works is millions of bubbles go deep into your upholstery and breaks down the dirt and grime to make it easier to extract. Since, it breaks down and makes it easier to whisk away all the gunk, we are able to use less water. After we’re finished cleaning your furniture it won’t take very long for your furniture to dry. This makes it so you can start using your furniture the same day as the cleaning. One of the best parts, is it doesn’t leave a dirt-attracting residue, which means your upholstery will stay cleaner for a longer amount of time. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call for more information or schedule your appointment today!

Don't Forget To Add Our Protectant Package

We know everybody’s budgets are different! That’s why we created three packages to fit your needs. You can choose to have an upholstery protectant on applied. This will help fight stains by adding a protecting layer to give you time to soak up a stain before it actually stains your furniture; because spills are inevitable sometimes. It’ll also restore the manufactures-applied stain guard and will repel most stains. You don’t even need to worry about what type of fabric you have. Our protectant package works with a wide range of furniture materials. Don’t forget to ask us about adding a protectant.

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If you’re in the Waterloo, NE area and need a professional upholstery cleaner, give us a call! You can reach us at (402) 505-6616 or scheduled an appointment. If you have any questions give us a call!