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Furniture Cleaning that impresses

We’ll Care for Your Furniture

You're furniture is constantly getting a workout; whether it's from your kids, pets, hosting your friends and family, or you enjoying the comfort of your couch every day. The use of your furniture on a regular basis results in dirt, pollen, stains and even some food crumbs. You don't have to accept that your couch is always going to be dirty. Chem-Dry of Gretna wants you to fall back in love with your furniture like when you first saw it. It can be that clean again, and we can make this possible for you!

We Care about Your Furniture and Family

Chem-Dry of Omaha products uses natural ingredients and we don't use harsh chemicals or detergents. Your family and friends are important to us at Chem-Dry of Gretna, this is why we want to give you the healthiest upholstery cleaning possible. Our products are safe for your kids and pets, and if you suffer from allergies this is the ideal product to use. And there is no sticky residue after we clean! We care for your furniture so you can take care of your furniture. It's one less thing you have to worry about! Here at Chem-Dry Gretna, family comes first and we want to help you have a safe and healthy home.

How it Works?

Here in Gretna uses a carbonating formula, which is like millions of bubbles going deep in your fibers of your couch and lifting all the dirt and grime up. This makes it easy to clean up and get rid of. This makes your furniture fresh, healthier and clean. And did we mention, no sticky residue, since we don't use soaps or detergents that leave behind residue. We took time and a lot of thought in order to give you the perfect upholstery cleaning product. We have a package to meet all budgets. So check out our chart to compare between what we offer. You can click here or call today to set up an appointment.

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